Child Support

Taking care of minor children is hard for many parents, but this job gets even tougher when there is a divorce or legal separation in the picture. Parents must deal with difficult decisions about Child Support, but at the Gaber Law Firm, we have the experience and knowledge about these tough Family Law issues to help you make decisions that truly benefit your loved ones.

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Once Child Custody has been determined, parents must agree upon the fair and necessary amounts to pay for Child Support. In some cases, this becomes a financial hardship if support is not paid, or if a child needs special care like medical or psychological services that are very expensive. Making sure that your minor children are properly cared for means that both parents must continue to support those children long after a divorce or legal separation divides the family unit.

Gaber Law Firm provides our clients with legal advice, representation and counsel about all types of Family Law matters, including Child Support. We have a special interest in helping parents deal with matters that affect their minor children, so those beloved children do not suffer needlessly due to parental differences or disputes about their care and well-being.

Kent Child Support Attorney

Even when there is agreement about Child Support, other factors may enter the family picture later on. Our Kent Child Support Attorney handles not only the initial establishment of child support orders, but also later modifications as they become necessary. If you are having back child support issues, either from not receiving promised amounts or if you are unable to make those payments, Attorney Jason Gaber is ready to help you manage that problem. We also represent clients on contempt issues at superior court and DCS/DSHS administration levels.

Resolve Child Support Disputes

Even when parents have an amicable divorce or separation, they may disagree about the amount of Child Support that is required. A custodial parent may need extra money for daycare expenses, clothing and other items the child needs. The parent who is required to pay child support may be overly stressed financially and believe they are unable to pay child support amounts or additional expenses. Parents want to provide the best for children, which may include saving up for a college education and providing important extras like special equipment, summer camp or vacation trips.

No matter how contentious your relationship is with your ex-spouse or partner, solutions are possible that meet everyone’s needs. We know how to help you with parenting plans, financial planning and other aspects of parenting that benefit minor children. All you need to do is ask for help.

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