Child Custody

When parents of minor children decide to get a divorce or legal separation, they must come to agreements about many factors that affect their children. Child Custody, Support, Visitation and other issues have a lasting impact on both the minor children and their parents. At the Gaber Law Firm, in Kent, WA, Kent Child Custody Attorney Jason Gaber works closely with couples on these and other Family Law issues that need attention and resolution.

Gaber Law Firm

Our law office primarily serves people from King and Pierce Counties of Washington. Gaber Law Firm provides clients with legal advice and representation exclusively for matters covered by Family Law. These issues affect all families, including domestic partnerships and other non-marital relationships.

Divorce and Legal Separation are just two areas of Family Law that are familiar to most people. We believe each situation requires individual attention and personalized solutions. We also help people with all manner of enforcement or modification issues that relate to Child Custody and Support, including parenting plans and visitation/residential schedules. Some people have other problems that need creative solutions, such as 3rd party custody actions and contempt motions.

Mediation and Arbitration are affordable alternatives to litigation that work for many of our clients. Attorney Jason Gaber has over a decade of experience helping people find creative solutions to their Family Law issues, including contentious custody and support disputes. He has many resources and the necessary experience with complex Family Law issues to help you get past difficult family problems too.

Kent Child Custody Attorney

Bring your disputes about care of minor children in your family to our Kent Child Custody Attorney for legal advice, representation and consultation. Parents often have major differences about many aspects of child care, and when there is a Divorce or Legal Separation, they must come to grips with those differences. Care of minor children receives great attention from the courts and our Kent Child Custody Attorney.

Decisions must be made that meet the needs of parents and that are in the best interests of minor children. Foremost among these decisions is Child Custody. Which parent is best able to provide care, love and attention to their loved ones? Sometimes the ability to care for children also depends on other factors, such as Child Support, Spousal Support, Alimony and Division of Property. We have exceptionally good experience in all areas of Family Law; it is the major focus of work at Gaber Law Firm, PLLC.

Get the legal advice and representation you need to resolve Child Custody issues and disputes from the Gaber Law Firm, in Kent, WA. Call Attorney Jason Gaber now, at (253) 266-3538, to discuss your case and to begin making those important decisions about Child Custody.